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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Article: Pilot Season (the rollercoaster)

This post isn't just about your audition. This is about the moments before and after, the moments when you are waiting. Waiting to hear about...the callback, the notes...

Waiting to hear about the test, the numbers, the casting director, the producers, the executives, a mass of human beings that are doing business. Like traders on the floor of the stock exchange, or an auction...

You are waiting to hear if they really want you, want what you did, want what you do. the hotel room. are waiting in your apartment or your house. Maybe you live alone, or you are married with a kid. Or a kid on the way. You are waiting to hear if you will get in the room and have a chance at...the lottery, hope, possibility, a better life. You know one thing. Everything hinges on your work. You wish you could think about something else. You do your relaxations. You go over the scenes, but you don't want it to be stale.

What you do have is time.

What do they think of you? What are they saying? "Actors."  Ruth Gordon wrote about these same actor issues in 1917. The same issues have been around for a hundred years! "Actors."  
If you have too long to think, or if you obsess, then...

You may start wondering:  Do you have "it"? Do you have a career in you? Do you have a great actor in you? Do you have a good actor in you?  Even if you are with people or your friends, family, you are isolated with the knowing that you are waiting, that you could hear something at any moment that changes your life. People ask you about it--"How did it go?" or "Did you hear anything yet?" "It should would be great of you booked that one." For the actor, this is like waiting to see if you have the winning lottery ticket. But the lottery ticket is you.  What you do or did. 

This is where the actor has to turn him or herself around.

You decide all over again that you want to do this, need to do this...acting. You look deep inside, because you want to see what's there before they do. Before those people in the room see into your eyes, into your soul, before the camera sees. When the waiting leaves you time, too much time to think, you must look in private, and you recommit--To your love of acting.

Do you believe in yourself? 
You have to. You must.

I don't think anyone can understand the existence of the actor who brings himself in to the room time after time after time. Unlike a musician, he has no instrument to hide behind. Only sides. Paper. And your choices. What to act, how to act. Who to be. (Be Yourself.)

In the room, so much depends on you, but there is so much that depends on them. You can't control other people. They might get you, they might not. 

You bring the life of the character as you see it. You bring it to life.

Nothing must stop you. 

To deal with the fear, the anxiety, you must reconnect with your heart, your purpose and you move forward. Let nothing stop you. Instead, nurture yourself, take care of yourself, have compassion for yourself. You don't know what they are thinking. You focus on what has meaning to you. You rediscover your sense of purpose.

Let them see what it looks like when you speak the truth through their words. Bring what means something to you. 

Create the specific world that you want to bring in to the room. Let them feel that your world (the fruit of your work on their text) is being created right before their eyes and ears.

Let go of the goal being to get the job. It brings too much tension. Make the goal to do the work, to let them see you do the work you love. Let them see your love of acting. Of creating that world.

Ultimately, it is not the network or studio or anyone else that torments us as actors, when we are waiting. It is our own mind, our own fear, our own inner voices that we must become aware of and approach with the intent to soothe, and to heal, to truly empower . Work on yourself as a human being, not just your acting. It will pay off, in whichever direction you are headed.


~ Corey

"I never look at the consequences of missing a big shot. When you think about the consequences, you always think of a negative result."

     Michael Jordan

"My attitude is, if you push me towards something you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength."

                                          Michael Jordan

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

                                          Eleanor Roosevelt

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