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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

List: How can an actor 'practice' every day like other artists do?

Some suggestions:

Read plays: read every play at your local library. order used plays online.

Study the playwrights: their bios, their style, their interviews.

Study people. go out with your journal and study behavior of humans. Study human behavior.

Do a play reading with your friends. copy a play and assign parts. Do this once a week.

Work on a Shakespeare soliloquy. Work with Shakespeare's language until you can communicate with it effectively.

Research Shakespeare: his life and plays.

Watch plays.

Watch videotapes of productions, watch the performances.

Choose an animal and go to the zoo. Study that animal and bring it to life at home. How it lives.

Sing/ do vocal warmups everyday.

Stretch everyday: do Pilates, Do yoga.

Do Ballet or any form of dance.

Go to every museum you can and study the characters in the paintings. In the context of their history.
Their bodies. their gesture, their state of being.

Find your favorite human sculptures. Study the sense of gesture and communication in the figures.

Write in your acting journal.

Research the history of theater.

Research the history of acting.

Find the next scene you want to work on in class.

Establish ways to take care of yourself. of your instrument: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Ask yourself why you want to act.

Read a chapter of an acting book.

Q: What would it take to get yourself ready for when your opportunity comes?

Define what character you most want to play.

Create a detailed dossier on a historical character.

Create a detailed dossier on a modern character.

Develop your favorite character.

Read actor interviews.

Go interview an actor.

Animal work:

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