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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marian Seldes Quote: "You are the only person who can destroy your talent." from "Bright Lights" by Marian Seldes

"After a class, she [Martha Graham] sent for me. I went to the tiny dressing room she used to change into her stylish street clothes.
'Sit down, Marian. I have something to say to you.' She took my hand. I thought of all the things I had done awkwardly in class. I hated myself for misusing the precious hour. Before I could apologize, she said,

'You are the only person who can destroy your talent.' 

And she sent me away."

"I had kept getting angrier and stupider in Martha's class that day because I would not take a moment to examine what was wrong. I have seen myself--and others--go through hours of rehearsal simply compounding the tension and rage they feel and wasting the time of everyone else because of a mood, a whim. It is easier to recognize than to deal with, but it is lucky if you diagnose this illness early and learn its symptoms because when it is recurrent, habitual, it is fatal to a career.

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