On Laurence Olivier:
“His craft is bigger than his talent.”
On the artistic temperament:
“Happy children should not try to be artists. You have to be born with a broken heart and a sense of loneliness inside. I never had a happy moment as a child myself.”
On her canine co-star in “Shadow of the Thin Man”:
“I played with Asta — and he was the best actor in the company.”
On 20th-century writers:
“Something in the way of American life defeats them. They are after the next best seller, and if they fail, they give up.”
“No modern play ends on an up note about marriage.”
On specific 20th-century writers:
“There’s a certain author who doesn’t like the women in her plays, only the men — and in life, too. That’s Lillian Hellman.”
On Hollywood:
“Certain types of artists can’t handle it. In some ways, it killed Odets. It certainly killed Franchot Tone. He couldn’t live with that divided spirit. He couldn’t live with that — or Joan Crawford.”