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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Casting Director Billy Hopkins bottom lines the audition and callback

I spoke to Billy recently and asked him for his bottom line on actors in auditions and call backs. Getting a call back can be elating, but then you wonder: do they want you to do it the same? Different? More?

Billy Hopkins' bottom line for actors:

"What I look for in an audition is honesty. 

In a callback, I don't want to see an exact replica of the first audition, but I still want to see the truth." 

Billy Hopkins imdb 

For a full interview with Billy Hopkins on this blog, 

Risa Bramon Garcia:

   "1. She is coming in to work, not to impress anyone. 
She’s not desperate; she’s found her power and her confidence because the work is what matters, not the job. 

   2. She’s happy to be there; loves her work, has prepared with joy and a commitment to the work.

3. She’s someone I want to work with, spend time with, someone who’s here to collaborate." 

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